Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) 1 recommends utilizing regional materials for building projects. These locally harvested or manufactured products are defined as being within 800 kilometers (500 miles) of the project site. 2 With an "estimated 75% of Canadians living within 161 kilometers (100 miles) of the US border"3, buying both Canadian and American building products (closest to the project) reduces the environmental footprint. There are also economic advantages in Buying Canadian and American products as compared to going further afield.

Economic Benefits by Lowering Trade Barriers
(Buy American and Canadian)

"History has shown that in times of severe economic challenge, the global economy is revived by lowering trade barriers, and that raising them will have the opposite effect.   In these challenging times, there is simply no better American job creator than trade with Canada. And vice versa. And the best way to do that is through free and open

Canada - United States’ Largest Goods Export Market

“Canada is currently the United States’ largest goods trading partner with $632 billion in total (two ways) goods trade during 2013.  U.S. goods and private services trade with Canada totaled $707 billion in 2012 . Exports totaled $354 billion.  U.S. exports of private commercial services* (i.e., excluding military and government) to Canada were $61.2 billion in 2012, 4.7% ($2.8 billion) more than 2011 and 145% greater than 2002 levels. It was up 260% from 1993 (Pre-NAFTA).“

Psychology of Reciprocity

"Introduced in Dr. Robert Cialdini's book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, the concept of "reciprocity" is simple -- if someone does something for you, you naturally will want to do something for them. No, this isn’t bribing. If you can act in a sincere and giving way, the other person will naturally want to help you."


Total Value of Canada-US Two Way Trade at $606 Billion

“Canada deeply values our trading relationship with the United States.  Since NAFTA came into force, the North American economy has more than doubled.  As each other’s largest trading partners, we must continue to boost the productivity and competiveness of our economies through science-based trade while eliminating barriers to growth.”

Buy North American Concept

"Some new form of integrated "buy North American" rules would be the best-case scenario. Canadian producers would be able to sell into the American market with less competition from corporations operating in countries with poor labour, human rights, and environmental standards. Conversely, American producers would be able to do the same in Canada. This could be win-win for Canadian and American workers. If the "Buy American" policy works and puts more Americans back to work and strengthens the American economy, that will be good for Canadian manufacturers who make products consumed by Americans."